The future, it’s a scary thing

6 04 2010

Today, in thinking about teaching and having random thoughts floating around in my head, I realized that I had been out of school for a year and a half before coming to Japan. No big deal. Until I put that next to my future hope of teaching and the way Oregon teaching licenses work currently. They are good for 3 years, then you have to renew.

Simple, right? Well, I’m currently working on a master’s course so I’ll be able to renew my license and not lose it while I’m in Japan. My thinking with this was I would arrive home, have another year on the license I’m working toward and then have to renew again. But that didn’t account for the fact that I worked before I came to Japan.

Oops. That’s an easy solution though, if I stay here and the only requirement is that I have done more masters work, then I do that and easily renew my teaching license. All well and good. Except, I only get to renew three times before I am required to get my masters (with the possibility of renewing one more time for 1 year to finish).

So where does that leave my future thoughts? Well, if I do end up staying here for 5 years (though who knows what God’s plans are), maybe I’ll spend my first year back in a master’s course or taking classes to go towards it while subbing. Hmm, that means I should probably be thinking about what options there are for getting a masters and decide what type of master’s degree I’d like to work toward. Wow. That means when I thought I finally got to escape from school, I need to be thinking about it again.




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6 04 2010

Eeeep…that is always a difficult decision! On the upside, I loved being in grad school! I really enjoyed the classwork, even balanced with work. Even though it is a tough decision, have fun exploring all your options!

6 04 2010

Thanks! I’m looking forward to finding out about my options, but thus far, none of the standard education master degrees have interested me a whole lot. Maybe they’ll come up with something new before I get there :)

7 04 2010

I know the feeling! I am looking at what I have to do in the next 2 1/2 years. Not real excited about it. I think I will be going back to the states to stay in June though, so that just means that I have to find some Master’s thing that I actually want to do since we can’t just get a standard education Master’s. We have to specialize in something since we have our degree in elementary education. Lame. I could get my Master’s in fashion design and that would somehow make me a better teacher. Anyway, good luck with figuring out what you are going to do. I still have no clue!

7 04 2010

Awesome!! I thought I was the only one. Several of my friends who I graduated with have earned their masters and I just felt like the only one who wasn’t really interested. At the moment TESOL is probably the most interesting of the choices to me. But it’s still not something I’m super excited to do. Again, we’ll see where God leads in the next few years.

22 04 2010

so tell me, did it explode due to a chemical reaction, or did the bottom of the bag fall out? :)

22 04 2010

LOL! I love you. You’ve totally responded on the wrong blog post and it seems I have no ability to switch the location of your post.

The bottom of the bag fell out.

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